Here are some resourceful CNC links:
Joe Cantrill’s “Joe’s CNC” site… with plans and kits for CNC routers like mine
PDJ Inc. is a great source for steel frame CNC routers and accessories
Solsylva sells a range of plans for home built CNC routers
John Kleinbauer has a amazing range of plans for homebuilt CNC routers, lathes, and controller hardware
Think & Tinker, Ltd. is a great source for precision, high speed router bits. We use the .035″ diameter for “almost laser” cutting with our router
ClearVue cyclone vacuums are great for CNC use.  They don’t have paper filters to get clogged.
DevCad is part of a family of CAD and CAM software products that are specifically designed for model airplane use.  Also check out Profili airfoil software… that also has a CAM option for hotwire foam cutting or CNC mold making.
Profili wing design software includes plotting, airfoil modification, airfoil analysis, and CNC cutting capability for both hotwire and CNC router applications.