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  • Draw Parts with a CAD program on your home PC computer
  • Convert Your Drawings to gCode with CAM Software
  • Cut Your Parts on a Router, Mill, Lathe, or Laser

CNC ... What's It All About?

Whether you are cutting parts for wooden toys, making plaques and signs, cutting out precision model airplane parts, or etching and drilling printed circuit boards, you can do it with more precision and repeatability than you have EVER been able to do by hand.

Please click through the links at “CNC at Home” within the navigation to learn more about specific types of machines, and about our “ABC’s of CNC” instructional DVD that will show you everything you need to know to get started in this fascinating hobby.

Oh yes… You might just get inspired to build your own CNC machine, and start a profitable home business as well. What could be a better business model than to have an automated machine making money for you?

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We’re willing to believe that you’re like us… You LOVE precision! You’d like to be able to build things that have intricate, detailed parts, and create signs, plaques, and carved panels for furniture and cabinets. We cut the wooden sign shown above from a 3/4″ thick aspen wood panel, using a CNC router. The original design was drawn, using Corel Draw, and the resultant PDF file was imported into a CAM program that created the cutter paths for the pockets that define the letters. The cutting was done with a computer controlled Hitachi router, on a home-made CNC machine. If you think this is pretty cool, read on, because YOU can do the same thing, on our own home-built CNC machine. All you need is the proper instruction to get started. Yes, understanding CNC technology can be complicated… but the ABC’s of CNC video will show you most everything you need to know to get started. The ABC’s of CNC video will start from the very basics, and explain, in easy to understand language, all about the hardware, the software, and the workflow.

The ABC’s of CNC was produced by Taylor Collins, the proprietor of Soaring Stuff. Taylor is an avid radio controlled soaring enthusiast. He has a typical home workshop… and NO formal training in electronics, computers, machining, or anything similar. He successfully built a fairly large CNC router, a CNC hotwire foam cutter, and is starting work on a CNC milling machine. WIth proper guidance and instruction, you can do the same.!

The prices for ready to run CNC machines can be fairly daunting… but with recent developments in the electronic hardware, software, and machine hardware, it is entirely possible and practical for YOU to build your own CNC machine… whether it is a CNC router, a CNC laser cutter, a CNC plasma cutter, or even a CNC lathe. YOU can build it in a typical home workshop, and you don’t have to be an electronics engineer, a computer programmer, or a machinist to accomplish your goal. Learn all of the basics of CNC machines, from how they work, to the software that controls them, the types of machines that are available, and see demos of some of the more popular software, and the actual workflow, form a pencil sketch…to a finished, CNC cut part.

About Us
Soaring Stuff was founded in 1991... to create instructional videos and books for the radio controlled sailplane enthusiast. From the first publication of our "Airfoils to Go!" airfoil pattern book, we added a series of instructional videos on building and flying R/C models that depend on the forces of Mother Nature to sustain flight, literally soaring with the hawks and eagles. If you're interested in Radio Control related stuff, check out our sister website at

When I got "bitten by the CNC bug", I searched for information that tied all of the stray bits and pieces of CNC technology together... and found that there just wasn't much of anything available. So, as I worked my way through the CNC puzzle... to build a CNC hotwire foam cutter, and a CNC router, I documented the process and the progress, and the result was the "ABC's of CNC" video.

The CNC hobby is incredibly fun and rewarding... and you can even turn it into a profitable, home based business. I want you to succeed... and have fun along the way. Having a working CNC router, a CNC mill, a CNC lathe, or a CNC laser cutter or plasma cutter literally will change your life... at least your life in your workshop. Having a machine that will do very detailed, complicated, and precise work changes your whole outlook about making parts for your hobby... or your business. Welcome to a whole new world of precision and craftsmanship!       Enjoy!

Watch The Video to Learn More

Learn the basics of CNC from our "ABC's of CNC" video, and a whole new world of precision and craftstmanship will open itself in your home workshop!

With 3D sculpting software (like Cubify Design) you can cut 3 dimensional lofted shapes with your CNC router.  This is the front panel of a diesel locomotive.  The round pockets are the headlights...

This CNC conversion of a Taig Micro Mill will do amazingly detailed machining on small parts.  Note the computer controlled rotary head on the left, for 4 axis machining.

CNC Plasma cutting allows highly detailed (and totally reproducible) parts fabrication from sheet metal.

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